Triangle (2018)

Recorded at home in London between October 2017 and March 2018. All music and lyrics by myself. Featuring guest musicians and friends: Hamilton Belk on pedal steel guitar (Three Mile Rock and Two Drums), Nic Denholm on piano (Backyard), Paul Milne on bass (Song to a Deaf Ear), Max Newman on lead guitar (Song to a Deaf Ear), Richie Philips on sax (Fly Away), Ariel Sereda on backing vocals (Three Mile Rock) and Steve Tyler on hurdy-gurdy (Beiramar). Harry Atkins reads a passage from Julio Cortázar’s ‘Axolotl’ on Backyard and his own writing on Sing No More.

Long-time Vulpiano Records artist Zapa is back again with new release Triangle, his most incredible album to date. With beautiful folk melodies, ghostly whispers, poetry, and deep longing, Triangle is a refined coalescence of everything Zapa has been working towards over the years. – Vulpiano Records

A shimmering pool of imagery, at times psychedelic, with snatches of poetry readings, (…) Triangle represents a fertile creative maturity and is one of my favourite Vulpiano Records releases of recent times. –


Three Mile Rock (Labrador)

Walking past the icy borders
over shadows of blind snow
Maple leaf and silver clover
handfuls of sharp fog and smoke
Broken clouds above

slowly turning monochrome

On our way to seek good fortune
merchants bring their fruits of strength
We briefly talk about the future
and how they once had one to spend
Feel the rumour of distant shores
Three Mile Rock, Labrador

And mountains past, the sea at last
unfolding before our eyes
the valleys there will be ours to share

Arrowheads and dancing geese
to the breeze of burning spruce
by the murmur of spawning streams
We lay awake, our thoughts so still
first warning came with a drop of rain

With Django

Starry eyed and laughing
eighty three miles further north
Here’s one to you, the bluest of skies
I’ve nicked this number from you before

From Carlsbad straight to The Point
driving on the edge of the line
following blank signs on the road
Whatever’s next, we’ll just have to try

Django says good times are back
But he knows we used to be kings
Possessions are plenty, love’s just fine
Not that it matters that much to me

I’m waiting for what’s coming up next
whilst looking back to the past
Always feeling like drifting off
hoping for some of it to come back

Well, I hear that the scene is over
some say it went on for too long
I guess I will just have to accept
that my time out there is now gon


Wide, bright grey ocean skies
Windows to rocks and salt
Swift shade of lost cloud
We’re both on our way home

Sweet smiles of sandy roads
Sleepy valleys of clear green west
So lonely and so bold
The places that I love best

Sol do frío mencer
Entre pedras e outeiros
Mollando camiños feridos
De lúa e de ferro

Calado co vento no alto
Deixando o ceo falar
Un mar de cordas e panos
Canción de beiramar

Vila que xa non agardas
Soño que quixo marchar
Terra que segues en pé
Voltarei para quedar

Song to a Deaf Ear

I know you can feel me longing for you
In silence and in random conversation
In the isolation of my world of song
Is your mind immune to temptation
or is your heart made of solid stone

I’m sorry if I haven’t been too clear
I should start whispering in your ear
When I’m lying I’m still speaking the truth
I’m going nowhere and I want you
I’m going nowhere and
I want to take you there

And as you see me now
from you place in the crowd
That’s how I saw you
Like a bird from the cloud

We live in a strange, old slippery town
Where there’s no way up, it’s all way down
Love won’t last forever they say
hold on to that cake before it’s too late
meet me where the night never ends

There’s been far too many words here
Far too many songs to a deaf ear
You should try opening your eyes sometimes
You’ll find out there’s no better love
Than the one that’s been
knocking on your door


Hours and days that go by
The well’s running dry
I sit back and feel
the winter crawling in

Life that grows on brick walls
In the strangest of forms
Sliding under my door
I watch you solemnly yawn

Oh, you used to give so much more
We are half way though the show

She sits right by my side
With a few things to hide
Our love is her need and I just
keep on trying

I can see so far behind
a whole past to unwind
I think I might move
where the sidewalks are wide

Oh, you used to give so much more
We are half way though the show

Fly Away

Night and day
Different kinds of darkness that bring
Memories with no name
Trapped in my mind
I close my eyes and

Fly away
Over riddled clouds
Under welcomed rain
Fly away, like a free bird
That will fly away, break away

Night and day
both winter locked side by side
Guided by the stars
the end of the spark
the coming of age

And time does the rest
swaying back and forth
from a yellow page
memories with no name
stuck in my mind
I close my eyes and

Fly away
Over riddled clouds
Under welcomed rain
Fly away, like a free bird
That will fly away, break away


Out in the frosty night so pale
old dog’s tremulous bark
at the moon shining stark
hanging like a veil
at the back of the backyard

Out when the world is all shadow
there’s creatures standing still
brings a numb sudden chill
all doors have been barred
at the back of the backyard

Out in the winter night so sharp
my thoughts have been frozen
could be this life that I’ve chosen
big tree begins to warp
at the back of the backyard

Two Drums

Back where everything started
yellow moonlight on stone
whispering trees gently swaying
swollen breeze of the north

Grey walls that still listen
to the broken ocean roar
the places that once saw us
handling promise in song

Down the steep rainy roads
of the town where I was born
my time withers away
to the beat of two different drums

A sea of faces that rhyme
on our way to the ground
a feeling that cannot be explained
the old blue and white crowd

Mama hold me in your arms
while we still have a chance
for nothing ever feels better
you make everything fine

Down the steep rainy roads
of the town where I was born
my time withers away
to the beat of two different drums

Sing No More

Oh song, sing no more in this voice
sing no more your words of sorrow
you have no choice

The year is all used up
the streets are lost and bored
I’ll find the key to the box
where peace has been stored

Oh life live no more within this song
live no more in your strange old ways
you went so wrong

There’s nothing left to say
every barrel scraped
I give up maps and lousy screens
I am ready to escape

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