Triangle (2018)

Recorded at home in London between October 2017 and March 2018. All music and lyrics by myself. Featuring guest musicians and friends: Hamilton Belk on pedal steel guitar (Three Mile Rock and Two Drums), Nic Denholm on piano (Backyard), Paul Milne on bass (Song to a Deaf Ear), Max Newman on lead guitar (Song to a Deaf Ear), Richie Philips on sax (Fly Away), Ariel Sereda on backing vocals (Three Mile Rock) and Steve Tyler on hurdy-gurdy (Beiramar). Harry Atkins reads a passage from Julio Cortázar’s ‘Axolotl’ on Backyard and his own writing on Sing No More.

Long-time Vulpiano Records artist Zapa is back again with new release Triangle, his most incredible album to date. With beautiful folk melodies, ghostly whispers, poetry, and deep longing, Triangle is a refined coalescence of everything Zapa has been working towards over the years. – Vulpiano Records

A shimmering pool of imagery, at times psychedelic, with snatches of poetry readings, (…) Triangle represents a fertile creative maturity and is one of my favourite Vulpiano Records releases of recent times. –

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Miguel Zapata (A Coruña, 1989)