Song videos


Video by Andrea Ratto.

Video by Miguel Zapata.

Video by Marilyn Roxie.

Video by Ariel Sereda.

Video by Miguel Zapata.

Live performances 




Here’s Log Out, a (very) short film I made with filmmaker and writer Andrea Ratto and a bunch of other friend in 2013. English subtitles available.

Official Selection VIII Trinity International Film Festival, Detroit, MI, 2014

Official Selection VIII Festival Cinema con Farinha, Patos na Paraiba, Brazil, 2014

Also, here’s some comments from members of the DC Shorts Film Festival of Washington DC

Very cleverly done, on the cerebral way (…) If you are online you are being watch, closer than you think. There is suspense and one is not really sure what’s going on until the the end. Relevant to what is going in today, specially with what we know now about NSF. Pacing is excellent, film quality excelllent, lighting enforces the spookiness of the scene, shadowy characters are scary and menacing, acting is top notch. Message is spot on.

The film was extraordinarily subtle– in a good way. The scope was perfect, the lighting was very beautiful, well thought out, and was an important factor in the plot.


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