The Long Trick

This is my first LP which I recorded in my bedsit in Hornsey between September 2015 and February 2016. All lyrics and music by myself except ‘Johnny’s Gone’ (traditional). Additional musicians include Jacobo Manso on slide dobro and Kenneth Cohen on accordion. Fragment of John Masefield’s ‘Sea Fever’ on Down Mountain Crown recited by Martin Crawley. Available to download and stream. Limited edition LP of 7 copies.


The Foggy Dew

Scarlet clouds at night
Up on the sleeping town
Spark of light flashed in the sky
Into the foggy dew

He thought of her in spring
And in the winter too
and of the times they both went through
the fear of foggy dew

the fear of foggy dew
the fear of foggy dew


At the going down of the sun
and at the morning dawn
I think of your hands

like those of broke ghosts
Windows that close my eyes
strange words that disguise
That feeling of forlorn

that I thought was nearly gone
but it soon came back, it soon came back somehow

Lou Reed sings I’m Set Free

and I wanna feel the same
but the ghosts of our love

are chasing me again
and I remember how

when I came back from the south
I gave the moon a rest

and you were no longer there
but you soon came back, you soon came back somehow

I met you in Union square

and back in the London rain
a ghost that comes back

a song that never ends
you know where to find me

if you ever need me
you might feel like you do

once you had a drink or two
when you soon come back
you soon come back somehow

Song of the Gull

Oh mother, oh dear mother,
it’s time for me to leave
I can hear the crying of the gull
the last song from the sea
He had longed to move away
and he’d never been afraid
of night’s ancient fear
or life’s wandering ways

Rage against handmade moons
and questions of the sky
his dream spoke by itself
all seedless in the dark
He left and never looked back
bringing temper to his heart
Life was waiting for him somewhere
in a far away land

and he wished he was a sailor
so he could sail the seven seas
with his songs waving wild and free
on the cradle of the breeze
he gave himself to love and life
and the duties of the stage
a song that carved his soul
and paid no praise or wage

Make It Last

Frida looks over our shoulders
as we try to outcat the cat
sinking moons that grow older
as hot pipes whisper a rhyme

why oh why did I get so close
why oh why is it time to go

our love so bright and so heavy
hangs weak from feathers and lace
I try to stand clear of my usual self
while I blindly follow your trail

why oh why are you so near
what oh what has brought me here

a third of my dreams are over
and I’m yet to get any sleep
I think tonight I’ll stay sober
and let others dream for me

When I Get to the River

When I get to the river
I reach the bottom of things
I turn the book upside down
and read the message within
my world is in focus
I can tune up the strings
When I get to the river
and the day is fading in

When I get to the river
my thoughts are already there
like a wild stream of words
pouring from the air
I hold on these thorns
and hold them so strong
but when I get to the river
the pain has always gone

When I get to the river
there are no questions on hold
I only spend a few minutes there
before the sun starts to burn
I paid my fare for a ride
that’s taken me nowhere
but as long as we stop by the river
I don’t really care

Across the Empty Vale

Exchanging precious gift by the laughing sea
I let the rolling sky slowly blind my eye
We hear the tale of the sun warriors
Who let their dreams unfold at night
The journey is long but the soul is strong
nothing but a mountain left to climb
I’ll find my way thought the fields of time
for as long as there’s song left to catch

I spent a hundred nights

staring at sailing moons
looking for rhymes a squinting eye
the change of season sends a helping hand
but the world is moving way too fast
everything we may wish to keep
will only last a moment or a day
let the new day play the tricks it wills
and let the song reach your dreams

across the empty vale a thunder roared
the floor under our feet starts to shake
let’s run away, I hear someone cry
as lightning breaks the iron sky
I woke up, the room was dark
but for the stars soft and gentle glow
I looked out the window and then
gazed into the vale below

Down Mountain Crown

Five years just been and gone
It’s the end of the great storm
I keep searching for tomorrows
Down streets of no return
Waiting for the final sign
Down mountain crown

Shades of you, restless friend
Down in the yard of night
I thought I’d see you once again
but you had some place in mind
We drove all night across the sky
Down mountain crown

What’s the sound that you always had in mind
Could life have changed so much in such short time
Call again, my old friend

Call again, my old friend

Next to You

You lay in beauty as the day
sees the darkness go
the light coming in covering your skin
and your hair shining like gold
and I tell you without words
as you sleep and softly breathe
all is fine, all is good
cause I’m here next to you

and while I see you sleep, I get up and leave
I let myself wander familiar streets
every second here means so much
even the softest touch
and I would like you to know
than even here under the spotlight
the night does not feel right
if I’m not there next to you

and I took my questions, kept my fears
away from your ears
a few things have changed and it’s been way
more than a few years
and even thought those feelings slipped away
and we never talked that much anyway
nothing’s ever quite like being next to you
nothing’s ever quite like being next to you

Strange Stranger

Now that I’m here
I’m just a strange stranger
I come from the town
where the sun never goes down

and even though my world
seems to be here now
I can’t help but weep
for all those things I left behind

when the earth was mine
and the music was loud
and nights and sorrows
were only things to sing about

Now that I’m here
I’m just a strange stranger
I come from the town
where the sun never goes down

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