Z’s Deep Cuts: The Family Tree – Miss Butters (1968)

“Good morning children, we shall talk about…”

This is a magical West Coast pop opera that came out before the concept was even invented. And I’ll take this over Tommy every day! A suite of nicely interlinked songs tells us the lovely story of beloved school teacher Miss Butters from her birth till her lonely death.

This album will delight fans of Harry Nilsson. I think he was even involved in a couple of tracks.

“She’s got the future in my hands, doing everything she can to make me wise…”

I discovered this record when I was 17 or 18, that golden age of weird and life-changing musical finds. I was obsessed with this record and it’s been my ambition to make a concept album like this one day. You can sort of hear my terrible attempts to do something like that, at least sonically, on my Triangle thing.

“Miss Butters passed away, and we were instructed to write a card…”

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