Z’s Deep Cuts: Agincourt – Fly Away (1970)

I’ve been revisiting some of the albums that I love the most. The stuff I would take with me to another lockdown, or to a desert island. Or to a lockdown in a desert island. This is one of them.

I discovered this album when I was 16 or 17. I still listen to it… a lot. John Ferdinando and Peter Howell were brilliant masterminds of what we like to label psychedelic folk or acid folk. They produced lots of good music in the early 70s (see Ithaca and Friends) and all of it went unnoticed at the time. The original LPs are insanely rare but several reissues have been released in the last couple of decades.

This album is magical and my favourite of the Ferdinando/Howell duo. If I had to make a CD or playlist of my all time favorite songs, “When I Awoke” would be the opener. This is music that comes from the deep, green valleys of the mind. The pianos and the guitar here sound like they were recorded in a dream.

Here are my favourite tracks…

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