My musical discoveries of 2013

Here’s some of my personal music discoveries of 2013, both old and new albums with links to some of my favorite songs from them.

Cyril Tawney, In Port (1972)


Sally Free and Easy / The Ballad of Sammy’s Bar / On a Monday Morning

My lover she lies asleep
My love, she is warm and her heart is mellow
I’d trade you the world just to share her pillow
On a Monday morning

Bert Jansch, Birthday Blues (1969)


Come Sing Me A Happy Song / Bright New Year / Poison

As the bright new year
draws closer now
I’m on my way
to bring you my love
and wish you good cheer

Caetano Veloso, Caetano Veloso (1969)

Irene / The Empty Boat / Lost In the Paradise  1969_-_Caetano_Veloso_-_Frente

From the east to the west
Oh, the stream is long
Yes, my dream is wrong
From the birth to the death

Jose Feliciano, A Bag Full of Soul (1966)

If I Really Bug You / Go On Your Way     Image

You can look for me when I’m passing through 
And I’ll stay awhile in your town
We can live it up and let the good times roll
But don’t try to settle me down

Martin Carthy, Martin Carthy (1965)


High Germany The Trees They Do Grow High

To the queen of hearts he’s the ace of sorrow
He’s here today but he’s gone tomorrow
Young men are plenty but sweethearts few
If my love leave me what shall I do?

Frank Cunimondo Trio, The Frank Cunimondo Trio Featuring Lynn Marino (1971)


Love So Fine / We’ve Only Just Begun

And when the evening comes we smile
So much of life ahead
We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow
And yes we’ve just begun

And here’s my favorite albums released in 2013 (yes, I sometimes listen to new music!):

Hidden Masters – Of This And Other Worlds

Luis Moro – Cielo Color Burdeos 

Bob Dylan – Another Self Portrait, The Bootleg Series Vol. 10

Villagers – {Awayland}

Foxygen – We Are The 21st Century

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest 

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories 

Devendra Banhart – Mala

V.A – Cosmic Machine:  A Voyage French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde

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